Building your dream home is a lifetime affair. You cannot compromise on any of the construction materials as it would affect the lifespan of your home. Choosing the right TMT Bar is considered among most important aspect as it determines the strength of your structure.

Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) Rebars are new generation high-strength steel rebar that has better bending strength, better ductility, and high tensile strength which makes them one of the essential construction materials for building projects in India and most developed countries. This is why choosing the right TMT bar from the right TMT manufacturer is very important.

We’ll be sharing few pointers that customers need to consider before buying TMT Bars:

Strength & Flexibility of the TMT Bar:

India being a high seismic zone with most of the states has seen Low to Severe Intensity Earthquakes. Selecting the TMT Bars with right balance of Strength and Flexibility is very important. TMT Bar with right balance of strength & flexibility can absorb extra shock during an earthquake and keep the building from not being uprooted.

Grade Check:

In India, TMT bars have multiple grades which starts from Fe415 to Fe600. Higher the grade number, the higher the strength and quality of the TMT bars. While selecting a TMT bar from any TMT manufacturer, always select one with higher grades. In case, in an earthquake-prone zone like north-east, higher grade TMT bars are a must.

Brand Reputation and Certification:

This is an important aspect to consider while selecting a TMT Bar. Before purchasing TMT Bars, always check the Brand profile and the ISO Certification of the brand. It is always advisable to go for brands that have BIS and ISO certification even though have need to shed some extra penny. Known brands (such as Essar TMT Bars) always comply with international safety standards. At Essar TMT Bar, we share a copy of test certificate along with the product so our clients can stay relieved.

Bending ability:

As per the design needs of the concrete structure, the builders might need to bend the TMT bars. High quality TMT bar will not get traverse cracks after bending through 180 degrees.  Always check whether the TMT bars you are choosing are flexible and have excellent bending ability.

ISO & BIS Certified TMT Bar:

Always check and verify if your TMT Bar supplier has ISO, BIS & SGS certified products. These certifications ensures the quality of TMT Bars.

Each lot of Essar TMT Bar are BIS Certified and the product gets tested and certified by SGS.

Corrosion Resistant:

Corrosion can create serious problem in long run. They hamper the quality of construction. TMT bars often gets exposed to moist conditions. Essar TMT Bars passes through multiple corrosion tests that proves it has higher corrosion resistant than other TMT Bars.

Manual/Visual Test:

Every meter length of the TMT bars should bear the company seal. TMT Bars should be free from rust or ferrous coating and look new. Ends of each bundle should be of equal lengths. Each Essar TMT Bar carries the Essar brand name at regular intervals along its length. 

We hope that these pointers would be helpful for you in selecting the right TMT Bars. If you plan to purchase TMT Bars across India, you can download our app or connect with us.